ue-text GmbH

About us

Our translation agency was founded during the period of Germany’s reunification and has established itself as a well-known and competent provider of foreign-language translation services in the Free State of Saxony. The Leipzig team consists of five employees, and our pool of approx. 85 translators and interpreters, who are mostly freelancers, reside frequently in the target countries.

ue-text GmbH sees itself as a technical translation service provider, whereas the majority of projects stem from the export industry. As a result, we process primarily specialized technical texts, instruction manuals, patents, etc. in all common languages. Our experienced native speakers have built up specific technical know-how, coupled with many years of experience working as translators.

We are also actively involved in conferences: in other words, the organization of conferences, provision of interpreter booths and event equipment as well as coordination of simultaneous interpretation services. We would also be happy to provide you with our interpreters for guided tours of your factory or board meetings.

When it comes to foreign languages, we are professionals who are quality-conscious, reliable and cost-effective!