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Quality standards

ue-text Gmbh Fremdsprachen Agentur Leipzig

operates strictly in accordance with the European quality standard DIN EN 15038 “ Translation services – Service requirements”, which took effect in August of 2006.

We are registered with DIN CERTCO as a standards-compliant translation agency.UE-Text GmbH ist DIN EN registriert
Our notice of registration can be seen here: Download

According to the European quality standard, the new requirements on translation service providers extend to the following areas :

  • Personnel and technical resources for translation
  • Quality and project management for the translation process
  • Contractual conditions
  • In-house work processes
  • Additional services offered as part of the translation process

The implementation of DIN EN 15038 depends on the following key criteria when delivering standards-compliant translations :

  • Proofreading by a second qualified translator
  • Quality assurance based on in-house monitoring system from project acceptance through to delivery of translation
  • Increased use of translation memory software such as TRANSIT, TRADOS, etc., in preparing the translation.

ue-text Gmbh Fremdsprachen Agentur Leipzig ensures standards-compliant translations by fulfilling the aforementioned criteria. For our qualified translators, fulfilling the standards is a matter of course.

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